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Phthalocyanine Blue BN, also called Monastral blue, phthalo blue (and others) (CAS 147-14-8, EINECS 205-685-1), is a bright, crystalline, synthetic blue pigment from the group of phthalocyanine dyes.
It was first developed as a pigment in the mid-1930s. Its brilliant blue is frequently used in paints and dyes. It is highly valued for its superior properties such as light fastness, tinting strength, covering power and resistance to the effects of alkalies and acids. It has the appearance of a blue powder, insoluble in water and most solvents. The anecdotal history of the compound is that a chemist at the ICI phthalimide plant was troubled by blue contamination of the product. This was traced to a by-product formed when the phthalimide reacted with trace amounts of iron from the metal reactor. The chemist took samples of this blue and using sulfuric acid as a solvent, managed to produce a workable pigment. This was converted into the copper centered blue and sold under the trade name Monastral. Difficulty was experienced in forming stable dispersions with the first alpha forms, especially in mixtures with rutile Titanium, where the blue pigment tended to flocculate. The beta form was more stable, as was the improved stabilized alpha form. Today, there are even more isomeric forms available. (Wikipedia)

Qualitron Chemicals, Panoli (Gujarat, India), is amongst the best quality pigments provider of India. The company has been serving its treasured patrons since 1996. Company is buoyed by qualified technocrats for better customer service and application support with having well equipped manufacturing unit at Panoli. High production capacity plant has made the company very competent to meet bulk requirements of clients. 
Qualitron Chemicals (Pigment Manufacturer India)
Qualitron Chemicals : Manufacturer of wide range of pigments

Apart from that, 360° customer satisfaction and total quality management are organizations prime objectives. To impart the quality of product & services in the market we are now TUV SUD (ISO 9001: 2008), NABCB & NSIC certified. We are also D&B (Dunns & Bradstreet) listed. We believe in continuous improvement in our product to cop up with the highly competitive modern market.


Qualitron Chemicals Logo (Pigment Manufacturer India)
Qualitron Chemicals
Manufacturer of Pigments in Gujarat - India

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