Sunday, 21 June 2015

1. The aggregation-induced emission enhancement properties of BF2 complex isatin-phenylhydrazone: Synthesis and fluorescence characteristics

2. Kinetics and mechanism of removal of methylene blue by adsorption on various carbons—a comparative study

3. Organic white-light emitting materials

4. Effect of solution pH, ionic strength, and temperature on adsorption behavior of reactive dyes on activated carbon

5. Design of Bodipy based organic dyes for high-efficient dye-sensitized solar cells employing double electron acceptors

6. The removal of colour from textile wastewater using whole bacterial cells: a review

7. Facile synthesis of metal-free organic dyes featuring a thienylethynyl spacer for dye sensitized solar cells

8. Design of organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells: Extending π-conjugation backbone via ‘Click’ reaction to improve photovoltaic performances

9. Thermally activated delayed fluorescence of N-phenylcarbazole and triphenylamine functionalised tris(aryl)triazines

10. Removal of Congo Red from water by adsorption onto activated carbon prepared from coir pith, an agricultural solid waste


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