Monday, 19 September 2016

Pastic Rain Coats are manufactured from PVC sheets of various thickness and in various colours. Due to its low cost and attractive colours and designs the rain coats are widely used in India.

PVC sheets used for this purpose are indigenously available in our country in huge quantities. These sheets are manufactured from PVC Film grade granules. These sheets are available in various colours, plain as well as printed. These sheets are full water proof and have good tensile strength.

The PVC/Polyethylene/Polypropylene sheets are available in rolls of various length and width. These sheets are cut with the help of a pattern for each size and type. Later on for this purpose. These sealed coats are then buttoned and finally packed in polythene Bags for marketing.

PVC sheets are manufactured by extrusion, calendaring and pressing. They have good chemical resistance, high tensile and impact strength, good weather ability, high heat distortion temperature etc. In India there is as tremendous scope for rigid PVC sheets to penetrate in market like building industry. Many other application of PVC sheets are famous in plastic industry.

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